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Dr. Orr is not currently in-network with any insurance companies at Seacoast Neuropsychology, PLLC. However, many insurance plans offer out-of-network benefits for “non-participating providers,” and this may allow for reimbursement from the insurance company for some or all of the payments made by the patient for the services. At the conclusion of your evaluation, you can receive a superbill outlining all services provided at Seacoast Neuropsychology, which can then be submitted to your insurance company for processing with such benefits. Seacoast Neuropsychology does not provide any support for seeking or acquiring this reimbursement, aside from providing the superbill described above. Please note that academic services are never reimbursed by insurance companies, as they are not considered “medically necessary.”

Rates for neuropsychological services vary and may depend on many factors, including the nature and complexity of the service(s), the time spent, and the qualifications required for the service to be administered. Patients will always be provided with a Good Faith Estimate prior to services being rendered at various steps of the process, to ensure full informed consent and in compliance with federal law. Please contact the office for the current rate for an initial consultation, and evaluation services are billed hourly thereafter in most instances. Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) evaluations are flat fee and based on the specific protocol required.

Fees are always due at the time of service, though overall cost for evaluation may be split into multiple payments across different appointments if arranged. Legal evaluations require a retainer and/or funds to be secured from the court in writing, depending on the situation and payor. FAA evaluations require a deposit to book the appointment, and the remaining fee is due in full at the first visit.

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